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  NYT January 4, 1938

SHANGHAI,Jan.3 - American professors remaining at Ginling Collage in Nanking as foreign members of the Refugee Welfare Committee were seriously embarrassed to discover that they had been harboring a deserted Chinese Army colonel and six of his subordinate officers. The professors had,in fact,made the colonel second in authority at the refugee camp.

The officers,who had doffed their uniforms during the Chinese retreat from Nanking,were discovered living in one of the college buildings. They confessed their identity after Japanese Army searchers found they had hidden six rifles,five revolveers,a dismounted machine gun and ammunition in the building.

The ex-Chinese officers in the presence of Americans and ohter foreighners confessed looting in Nanking and also that one night they dragged girls from the refugee camp into the darkness and the next day blamed Japanese soldiers for the attacks. The ex-officers were arrested and will be punished under martial law and probably executed.
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上海、1月3日 --- 南京の金陵大学に難民福祉委員会メンバーとして残留のアメリカ人教授らは、便衣と成った中国軍大佐とその部隊所属兵6人を自分達が匿っていたのが見つかったことで非常に当惑している。実際、教授らは、その大佐を難民キャンプでの権威ある立場の二番目に据えていた。
中国軍の南京からの退却中に制服を脱いだ将校(士官)らは、大学の建物の一つに住んでいるところを発見された。 日本陸軍の捜索者が、6つのライフル、5つのリボルバー、取り外された機関銃と弾薬を建物に隠していることを発見した後、彼らは自分らの身元を白状した。
アメリカ人や他の外国人の前で、元中国人将校は南京での略奪行為、またある夜には少女たちを難民キャンプから暗闇に引きずり込んだことを告白したが、翌日にはその襲撃を日本兵の所為にした。 将校であった者達は逮捕、戒厳令下で処罰され、おそらく処刑されるであろう。

一方のマッキム牧師が書いた投稿の一つ、同年1月16日付のものがこちら→ 翻訳文
(原文を〔REAL PHOTOS, FILMS TAKEN NANKING IN 1937-1938〕ブログ様より拝借 Another View of Japan
南京での暴虐が日本兵ではなく中国兵によって為されたとのwell-supported circumstantial reports(十分な裏付けのある詳細な報告書) が出て来た、との訴えだ。(ブラウン博士の投稿は記事への反論、中国軍に擁護的なものだったと思われる)

そしてそのマッキム牧師に対して出された、南京安全区国際委員会の一員でもあった金陵大学副学長マイナー・シール・ベイツ(Miner Searle Bates)による反論(弁明?)書簡が存在している。


ベイツからNYTのJ.C.McKim への手紙。1938年4月2日付。
”Letter from M.S. Bates to Rev. J.C. McKim, c/o Dr. John Wood, 281 Fourth Ave, New York City, regarding New York Times stories on Nanjing atrocities” 
April 2, 1938 Dear Mr. McKim


April 2, 1938 Letter from M.S. Bates to Rev. J.C. McKim
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 ”Letter from M.S. Bates to Rev. J.C. McKim, c/o Dr. John Wood, 281 Fourth Ave, New York City, regarding New York Times stories on Nanjing atrocities”

  It has been brought to my attention that you have been writing letters to the Times saying that the stories of Japanese atrocities in Nanking were false. Perhaps by this time you will have learned that they were too true. If I had not seen with my own eyes the things that I have seen I could not have believed that such things could have happened in the modern world. It reminded one of an ancient Assyrian rape. We were not expecting such horrors and it was a terrible shock to us all when they began to happen.


I could go on for many pages telling you of such things as these but I think I have written enough to let you know that the stories of atrocities were not exaggerated. Things have greatly improved but murder and rape still continue, only on a smaller scale here in Nanking.


 When you said, I understand you wrote to the Times, that these outrages were not perpetrated by Japanese but by Chinese soldiers, you were misinformed so far as Nanking was concerned. There was a small amount of looting of some shops by Chinese just before the Japanese entered. It is true that the homes of many people immediately outside the city walls were burnt down by the soldiers for defensive purposes, and this was certainly an outrage, but it was done with the mistaken idea that it would help in the defense of the city which did not prove the case. It is true that Chang Hsueh Liang’s troops which showed up so miserably in the fighting looted between here and Shanghai but they were executed by the hundreds. It is certainly unjust to have publicly accused the Chinese of such horrible things that happened here. I think I have written enough to let you know what horrors have happened. If you want to know further you could ask Dr.John W.Wood to let you see a copy of a kind of diary letter that I wrote to my wife.


 The only reason why I am writing this letter is that I believe that all friends of Japan should know the truth. It is the part of real friendship for the Japanese to let them know what is actually happening in China. I believe that a great many people in Japan would be horrified if they knew what was happening over wide areas of this land, just as we who have seen it have been, and their horror might be used to break the power of the military in Japan which has been the real cause of this conflict.


I hope you will in the cause of justice and truth correct any misinformation you may unknowingly given to the papers. I would ask you also to be careful about using my name in any publicity. I do not fear the personal consequences but rather that I might be run out of the city or that the relief work that we foreigners here have been carrying on for the benefit of the people of the city might be further curtailed than it has been. If we had not been here and established the Safety Zone and all of us been busy trying to protect the people the tragedy would has been worse as every Chinese in the city knows.


     Miner Searle Bates

(1937.12.17大阪毎日新聞の記事「初めて知る夫の無事 ベーツ教授婦人が東京で大喜び」)

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